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TCLF Fair Budapest is the biggest industry show in Hungary, showcasing collections of domestic and international exhibitors.

Why exhibit at TCLF Budapest Fair?

    • The exhibition takes place in the heart of Europe, situated in Budapest, Hungary.
    • The fair represents a significant International TCLF industry exhibition in Central Europe.
    • The event is supported by several professional associations.
    • The countries of Central Europe are experiencing an economic recovery boom in 2024, with regional economic growth averaging 3-4% per year. The Budapest-Vienna economic axis has led to the creation of a new megalopolis, uplifting surrounding regions.
    • Participating in the TCLF Budapest Fair allows exhibitors to capitalize on the market boom in neighbouring countries as well.
    • Budapest's strategic location, just a 2- or 3-hour highway drive from several neighbouring European capitals and major cities including Vienna (AT), Bratislava (SK), Zagreb (HR), Belgrade (SRB), Maribor (SLO), Cluj (RO), and Brno (CZ), makes it an ideal host for an international exhibition both economically, geographically and culturally.

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