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We are interested in participating in TCLF Fair in Budapest. Where can I find the prices?

You can find all pricing information on our website. Simply visit the Exhibitors page > Exhibitors Information subpage > please complete a quick registration > after registration, the prices for different stand types will be accessible for you > please choose Exhibition costs for Individual Stand > check the Equipment and Furniture Catalogue, from which you can find the necessary for you equipments and furniture. So you can easy to calculate for yourself the final amount.

If you would have difficulty, please complete a quick registration > choose from Equipment and Furniture Catalogue, the necessary for you equipments and furniture, also if necessary other extras: „corner stand” or „co-exhibitor”, „advertising” etc. As soon as we know all your demand, we will help you in calculation of the requested by you stand.

I couldn’t find any plan of the stands allocation, how can I find it?

The exhibition plan will be available after the end of the registration, at the middle of September 2024.

How will be the stand allocation? Do we have possibility to change the stand location if the place does not met our expectation?

The booth allocation is carried out according to the order of the applicants: starting from the centre towards the edges, but if the allocation by the organizers does not meet the requirements of the exhibitor, for the exhibitor will also be given +1 option. But we are sure that any places allocated to you, at Puskás Aréna VIP Business and Expo Hall is the premium place. It is the interest of the organisers to ensure that all customers are satisfied, both in conditions, location and attendance, as well as in the exploitation of business opportunities.

Where can I find photos from previous TCLF Fair Budapest fairs?

TCLF Budapest Fair is a brand new platform for the light industry, it will be the first edition in 2024.